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Geoff Jenkins Retires: Very Brewers, But As Brewers As Jim Gantner?

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On Friday, Geoff Jenkins signed a one-day contract with the Brewers and subsequently retired. Jenkins, who spent ten of his eleven major league seasons in Milwaukee, was around to see the Brewers evolve from a perennial cellar-dweller into a playoff contender.

He is very Milwaukee Brewers. But is he the most Milwaukee Brewers player ever? Does that question confuse you? Read on, and I'll try to explain.

When we ask ourselves this question, we must consider this set of criteria:

(1) Is/was the player a Milwaukee Brewer?
(2) If the answer to (1) is yes, how much of a Milwaukee Brewer is/was he?

With this in mind, here a list I came up with (with help from the SB Nation newsroom) of the most Milwaukee Brewers players ever. This is a serious discussion, so while debate is encouraged, let's try to treat it with the gravity it deserves.

10. Sal Bando
9. B.J. Surhoff (admittedly very controversial, but here he is)
8. Geoff Jenkins
7. Pat Listach
6. Dane Iorg (was never a Brewer, but Brewers levels are off the charts)
5. Bill Wegman
4. Cal Eldred
3. John Jaha
2. Chris Capuano
1. Jim Gantner

For further insight, please consult our Brewers blog, Brew Crew Ball. It's quite possible that they wouldn't use the same criteria that I do.