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It's Official: Juan Pablo Montoya Is Freaking Nuts

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It's one thing when Juan Pablo Montoya gets into dustups with Jeff Gordon or battles other drivers who have a history of being aggressive.

But when Montoya has an altercation with Mark Martin and then says Martin – the most respected driver in the garage – should take driving lessons from him, that's officially crazy.

Montoya gets booed in driver introductions every week, and I always wonder why. After the Martin incident, I wonder if it's perhaps because NASCAR fans perceive Montoya doesn't show veteran drivers enough respect.

He certainly didn't show Martin any after Saturday night's race.

According to's Bob Pockrass, Montoya and Martin exchanged words after the Chicagoland race, during which Montoya told Martin he needed "smart driving lessons."

You can read the full story by clicking here, but frankly that's one of the stupidest things any driver has said all year.

Say what you want about Mark Martin's Brett Favre-like moments about retiring in the past; but you can't deny the guy is a sage when it comes to the school of respectful driving.

As for Montoya? The guy might need a bit of a refresher in that department.