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Anchor Makes Extra Effort to Mock Ichiro-Impacted Fan

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Ichiro Suzuki remains one of the most exciting players in baseball. (Disagree? Watch this. You'll stop disagreeing.) But this exciting?


Now, obviously, the girl is excited. That's fine. It's not often one of the best players in baseball ends up in your lap, and it probably deserves a bit of shrieking.

But Jay Onrait, the TSN anchor doing this clip, does the obligatory mocking a little clumsily. He's channeling the girl's thoughts in a voice that would make half of Team Edward cast an askance glance, and seems to not have any funny lines beyond "I'm going to tweet this!" The "Oh my God!" repeated at volume routine works well for Will Ferrell, but that's because he's Will Ferrell; going for YouTube infamy with volume instead of creativity is taking the easy way out.

I expect a full-on Twilight parody next time.

(HT: SportsGrid.)


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