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Jeff Gordon Makes 600th Start, But Now Mired In Career-Long Winless Streak

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Jeff Gordon is having the kind of season most drivers would be thrilled with. He's second in the Sprint Cup point standings and has contended for wins all year long.

The problem is, he doesn't have any victories to show for it.

Gordon made his 600th career start on Saturday night at Chicagoland Speedway, but set a new career mark for his longest personal winless streak.

It's now been 48 races since Gordon last won a race at Texas last April.

But Gordon has remained upbeat and positive about his team's performance, saying that the consistency of running up front will eventually result in a win.

"We've had the consistency, we just haven't had the car to win or all the pieces as a team to get ourselves into Victory Lane," Gordon said after finishing third at Chicagoland. "At times we've had the car, (but) for whatever reasons, blame it on me, blame it on incidents – I don't like to point fingers – but we haven't gotten to Victory Lane.

"We're very optimistic. We got a great package going to Indy. We've been working really, really hard on everything that we can to find speed. We think we've got some things up our sleeve for Indy."

On the topic of his 600th start, Gordon said he only feels like he's been around the sport a long time when he gets out of the car and "everything aches."

"I'm still enjoying the sport very, very much," he said. "I feel like I'm way more comfortable with where I'm at in the sport today. That's fun. I like that. I like all the years of experience that now I get to benefit from.

"The only thing I'd change right now is getting some of those wins back. It's tough. It's very competitive. We know we got to pick up the pace."