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Justin Morneau, Jason Heyward, Jose Reyes Out Of All-Star Game; Paul Konerko, Rafael Furcal In

Saturday has brought some changes to next week's All-Star Game rosters. Of note:


Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko has been named to replace Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins on the American League’s active roster for the 81st All-Star Game, Major League Baseball announced today.

Morneau has been dealing with a minor concussion.


[Jose]Reyes confirms he's out of All-Star Game and league has been informed

Reyes has been dealing with an oblique injury, and will be replaced by Rafael Furcal.


Braves and Heyward decided he won't play Sunday for Triple-A Gwinnett, which means he's pulling out of All-Star Game.

Heyward will be dealing with a thumb injury for the rest of the season, and though his replacement has not yet been named, Colorado's Carlos Gonzalez would make good sense.