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World Cup 2010 Final, Spain Vs. Netherlands: Iker Casillas Saves Spain, Arjen Robben Breakaway Shot

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A brilliant, 30-yard ball from Wesley Sneijder in the 61st minute put Dutch right winger Arjen Robben in alone on Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas, but great place from Iker Casillas to come off his line and, eventually, deflect Robben shot wide of the `keeper's right post keeps the match scoreless.

Sneijder, just short of the center line, turned on a ball trapped with his chest and played a long pass with his right foot between Gerard Pique and Joan Capdevila.  The Spain left back couldn't catch up to Robben, who tried to punch his shot into the left side of goal from 16 yards out.

Casillas's save maintained the 0-0 scoreless, a score that has been carried forward into the 69th minute.