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World Cup 2010 Final, Spain Vs. Netherlands: Second Arjen Robben Breakaway Denied By Iker Casillas

Arjen Robben was left irate after no whistle from Howard Webb left the Dutch attacker's second breakaway chance of the match denied by Iker Casillas in the 84th minute.

Robben created the breakaway chance when Carles Puyol misjudged a ball, took a poor route while trying to chase it down, and allowed Arjen Robben to run around him an onto the ball.  Puyol and partner Gerard Pique contested Robben enough for force a poor final touch as the attacker tried to avoid Pique, allowing an aggressive Iker Casillas to dive on the ball.

Robben ran back up the field screaming at referee Howard Webb to no avail.  Replays did not show a foul committed.

The match remains scoreless in the 87th minute.