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World Cup 2010 Final, Spain Vs. Netherlands: Maarten Stekelenburg Does Casillas Impression, Denies Cesc Fabregas Breakaway

Cesc Fabregas was put through on goal by Andres Iniesta in the 94th minute, the midfielder's left footed shot from the goal's left, 16 yards out, saved by the left foot of a diving Maarten Stekelenburg, keeping Spain and the Netherlands even, 0-0.

Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas has denied two Arjen Robben breakaway chances, but the Stekelenburg save was the first time Spain had sent a player alone on goal.

On the counterattack, the Dutch were able to generate a corner kick, with Joris Mathijsen putting the resulting piece over the bar at the far post after he'd out-jumped right back Sergio Ramos.

Now in the 99th minute, the match is still scoreless.