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'Jimmy Jump' Rushes Field Before World Cup Final, Against All Better Judgment

Remember last year when Roger Federer was playing in the French Open and some guy jumped onto the court and tried to put a hat on him? Remember thinking, "well, I hope that dude never does that again, because he's liable get punched in the throat by the next person he tries that with"? Well, he's back, because... why not.

As Dirty Tackle reports, before the start of today's World Cup finale, Jimmy Jump (no really, that's what he calls himself) crashed the pitch and tried putting his hat on something again. Though he learned well enough not to forcibly behat (new word) another person, he did decide to make his inanimate target as auspicious as possible: the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

And for that, as you'd expect, he got punched in the throat. Video is after the break.

This can't have been terribly wise; while South Africa is one of the tamer African countries when it comes to abuse of authority, it takes an awful lot of trust to believe that not one of those 8 security guards--who are all acutely aware of how much national and African pride rides on this tournament--will take the opportunity to put an elbow or 5 into the eye socket of such an interlocutor.

And yet, that isn't even the silliest aspect of all of this; it's that Mr. Jump's shirt said "Jimmy Jump Against Racism." Really? His idea was that by publicly crashing the biggest sporting event in the history of a post-apartheid South Africa and sartorially defacing the tournament's sacred trophy, people around the world would think, "heh, I guess I can get along with different races after all"? Yes, Nelson Mandela's verrry proud of you, Mr. Jump, and his greatest regret is that he didn't think of running onto soccer fields with a silly little red hat to put on things first.