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National League All-Fail Team

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This week in Anaheim, we'll be seeing the best baseball has to offer. But let us not forget those at the other end of the spectrum, for whom a trip to the All-Star Game this year is nothing more than a dream. After the jump, you'll find the worst players at each position in the National League, as measured by Wins Above Replacement from WAR is a measure which combines offense, defense, pitching and base-running into one simple measure of a player's value, compared to a hypothetical AAA replacement.

The minimum for inclusion is 40 games at the spot for position players, 8 starts for rotation members, and 20 IP for relievers. I don't care if the player is not able to play because he's on the DL or - hello, Bengie Molina - is now in the other league, because this is not a real team, folks. The American League All-Fail team will follow tomorrow.

Position Players
Catcher: Bengie Molina, Giants (-0.4 WAR)
First-base: Adam LaRoche, Diamondbacks (-0.2)
Second-base: Akinori Iwamura, Pirates (-1.1)
Third-base: Pedro Feliz, Astros (-2.0)
Short-stop: Tommy Manzella, Astros (-1.5)
Outfield: Ryan Church, Pirates (-1.5)
Carlos Lee, Astros (-1.5)
Nyjer Morgan, Nationals (-1.4)
Starting pitchers:
Charlie Morton, Pirates (-2.2)
Kyle Lohse, Cardinals (-1.4)
Doug Davis, Brewers (-1.4)
Joe Blanton, Phillies (-1.3)
John Lannan, Washington (-1.1)

Chad Qualls, Diamondbacks (-2.1)
Trevor Hoffman, Brewers (-1.2)
Cesar Ramos, Padres (-1.0)
John Grabow, Cubs (-1.0)
Brian Bruney, Nationals (-0.9)
LaTroy Hawkins, Brewers (-0.9)
Juan Gutierrez, Diamondbacks (-0.8)