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A Few Quick Thoughts Before The 2010 Home Run Derby Really Gets Started

  • So, given that the Home Run Derby always draws phenomenal ratings, and given that it always sells out, it's clear that there are people who, unlike myself, are actually entertained by the whole thing. A lot of people. A lot of people were also entertained by When In Rome and Leap Year. A lot of people suck.
  • So every July, we hear concerns from players and officials that participating in the Home Run Derby ruins your swing and sets you up for a second half of disappointment. Here's one study from The Hardball Times indicating that no such phenomenon takes place. Which, of course, most all of us assumed, but it's nice to have some evidence. The only thing the Home Run Derby ruins is my evening, right now.
  • It doesn't seem right that they're holding the Home Run Derby in Angels Stadium. Angels Stadium should feature a Taking The Extra Base Derby, or a bunt-off.
  • Hey, it's Train, performing on an infield stage pre-Derby. Lead singer Patrick Monahan is 41 years old. Dress like it. I could literally camp in your wrinkles.