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Thoughts On Chris Young's First Round In The 2010 Home Run Derby

  • Eight charity participants all wearing red, sitting in front of the dugout. Erin Andrews standing next to them in a bright blue and green dress. Does this mean that Erin Andrews turns her nose to charity, and is the most selfish celebrity currently in attendance? It doesn't not mean that.
  • An underrated part of the Home Run Derby, and maybe the only part that I actually enjoy, is seeing all the children of the All-Stars sitting around the field with their fathers, watching the festivities. Forget the All-Star Game. I want to see kids vs. dads. It's easy to take things for granted when you're the son of a millionaire. The game would be a great lesson in humility. 
  • Here's Chris Young taking some pitches, and then smacking some line drives into left field. You suck, Young! Line drives suck! Dingers!
  • Forgot the other part of the Home Run Derby I like - watching those idiot kids in the outfield try to catch the fly balls. How are they still allowed to do that? They're clearly horrible. They have no idea what they're doing. And these are Major League hitters, hitting baseball really hard. How did somebody watch these kids the first time and not immediately think, hey, this is kind of dangerous? Kids are our most precious resource. 
  • Chris Young has a .626 OPS and four dingers so far this season away from the very hitter-friendly environment in Arizona. Is anybody really shocked that he ended with one home run? Micah Owings would've been a better choice.