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Thoughts On Corey Hart's First Round In The 2010 Home Run Derby

  • Just realized that when I'm typing at a feverish pace, I tune out Chris Berman and the announcing crew. Good deal. Might have to try this in the future. Whenever I'm watching something, and the announcing is really bad, I'm gonna pretend to type, or play the keyboard.
  • Here's Corey Hart, who has already homered to left, center, and right field before making his second out. Corey Hart is one of my favorite stories of the first half.
  • If someone hits a fly ball, and it's short of the fence, and a kid tries to catch it, and the kid screws up, and the ball bounces off the kid's glove or head and over the fence, it should count as a dinger. It should count as two dingers.
  • Corey Hart's kid has a long way to go before he has Corey Hart's beard. Corey Hart's beard has an economy.
  • Berman just said that Hart hit a ball to San Juan Capistrano. San Juan Capistrano is about 27 miles in foul territory behind first base. Oh Berman, you're way off. I would've said he hit that ball to Corona. 
  • Hart has 13 home runs. Nick Swisher's up next. You enjoying this, Nick? You enjoying that you have to follow this act? Are you having fun knowing that you have to follow this act? You're about to be the league leader in frowns.