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Thoughts On Nick Swisher's First Round In The 2010 Home Run Derby

  • Corey Hart is unthinkably strong, by the way. His last five home runs all went more than 450 feet, or three Jon Rauches placed lengthwise.
  • ESPN films a special segment to tell us that bat speed is important. More important than pitch speed when it comes to hitting the ball hard. And here I could've sworn that Jamie Moyer allowed the fewest home runs in the league.
  • Nick Swisher made an out and immediately started cracking up. Fun level: high. No glimpse of whether Ortiz was smiling more. Ortiz smile level: N/A
  • Alex Rodriguez is on the broadcast now and the conversation has turned to almost completely ignoring Swisher's first round in lieu of talking about why the Yankees won the World Series last year, and are good again in 2010. First of all: I can give you a one-word answer to both topics. Second of all: at least save this conversation for tomorrow, when the Yankees take on the NL.
  • Swisher is wearing a hat that's sitting comically high on his head. This guy! Fun level: through the roof.
  • A-Rod says that Swisher was "so excited" about the Derby and has been talking about it for days. He finishes nine home runs behind Hart. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Sounds more like stress and comparative underperformance. Fun level: medium :(