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Thoughts On David Ortiz's Second Round In The 2010 Home Run Derby

After one round:

Ortiz: 8 HR
Cabrera: 7 HR
Ramirez: 9 HR
Hart: 13 HR

The two players with the most round 1 + round 2 dingers advance to the final. Hart may not even have to hit this round, which, uh, that doesn't really seem very entertaining.

  • I don't buy that the Home Run Derby could ruin somebody's swing. I do buy that the Home Run Derby could ruin somebody's back. David Ortiz looks like he's going to break in half with every follow-through.
  • Eight homers before Ortiz records his third out. He's on absolute fire, which, if history tells us anything, means he'll either tire out and fall short of winning, or he won't.
  • Did Nomar Garciaparra ever take part in a Home Run Derby? Would he step out and re-adjust his batting gloves between every pitch? I hate even thinking about it.
  • 6:42, and I'm officially at the point where all the home runs look like other home runs. None of these are particularly new or particularly majestic. Somebody needs to hit a billboard, or a fan.
  • Not gonna lie - liveblogging has actually made the time fly, and one could go so far as to argue that I'm not hating this. I gotta try liveblogging trips to my grandparents' house.
  • Ortiz hits a pop-up and gets censored for saying a swear word. Smile level: medium. Just need Swisher to hit him with a shaving cream pie as he walks away from the plate.