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Thoughts On Miguel Cabrera's Second Round In The 2010 Home Run Derby

  • They've been playing music over the PA this whole time. That music is live at the stadium, right? They're not just playing it on the background on ESPN? Isn't that distracting? Do the players get to choose the music? Do the players get to choose their adversaries' music? The song playing right now while Cabrera swings away has some guy with a gruff voice yelling a lot. I don't know if I could hit a lot of dingers if I thought the guy on the PA was mad at me.
  • Longest home run so far: Matt Holliday, 497 feet. According to Hit Tracker Online, that would be 12 feet longer than the longest homer hit in the league so far this season. If the 497 estimate is right, that's interesting. If the 497 estimate is wrong, that's also interesting. You know what isn't interesting? Felt. Grow up and be more like velvet.
  • Cabrera gets censored for saying a bad word after a fly out. Well, not a fly out. A short fly ball. No short fly ball is a fly out with these idiot kids in the field.
  • Five homers for Cabrera in the second round leaves him with a total of 12. Which is fewer than Hart in round one, which means Cabrera's finished. Which is stupid, because this event was made for people like Miguel Cabrera. I've seen enough of David Ortiz. Everybody's seen enough of David Ortiz. Give Detroit a chance!