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Thoughts On Hanley Ramirez's Second Round In The 2010 Home Run Derby

  • As Hanley steps in, Superstar starts playing. I don't know if the players choose their own music, but now I hope they do, because it suits the narrative that Hanley is in love with himself. He's so selfish and lazy!
  • Erin Andrews is interviewing Jason Heyward now while Hanley hits, and Heyward is providing very composed, mature answers for a 20 year old. Yawn. Heyward and Strasburg have the talent of Zeus and the personality of that rock fountain in Anaheim's center field. Or maybe the tarp next to the rock fountain. The rock fountain is multicolored.
  • Hanley has caught fire, everyone. Now someone has to wake Hart up from hibernation. I would not want to be that guy. What do you do? Risk poking him? Clap really loud?
  • I wonder if instant replay technology is available for homers down the line. Hanley just hit one close. I wasn't sure. Review!
  • And Hanley hits a ball "to Santa Barbara". Which is like San Juan Capistrano, except on the opposite side of the stadium. Still foul, albeit several more miles foul, which would be more impressive.
  • 12 homers for Hanley gives him a total of 21, tying him with Ortiz. Here comes Hart, with 13. I hope he hits eight.
  • Wait no I don't