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Thoughts On David Ortiz's Final Round In The 2010 Home Run Derby

It's weird to me that these things sell out. I can understand getting tickets in the field level, for autograph purposes. And I can understand getting tickets in the bleachers, for potential souvenirs. But who would want to pay to go to this and sit in the upper deck? How is that a fun way to spend your day? Do they offer tickets to this in a package with tickets to the All-Star Game as well?

  • By rule, homers from the first two rounds are wiped out for the third. While is a stupid rule, and how Justin Morneau beat Josh Hamilton in 2008 despite hitting 13 fewer total homers. But good news! Ortiz and Ramirez came into this round tied at 21, meaning previous rounds don't matter. If you can't change the rule, make it irrelevant.
  • One out, six home runs. Ramirez can go ahead and fall asleep. It won't matter.
  • One out, seven home runs.
  • One out, eight home runs. 
  • Two outs, eight home runs. This guy sucks. 
  • Berman: "If [Ortiz] hasn't won over the Angels fans by now-" Yeah, the Home Run Derby totally outweighs Ortiz having batted .333 against the Angels in the playoffs. That walk-off homer that ended the 2004 ALDS? Forgotten! Dingers!
  • Fly ball just dropped in the middle of a gaggle of like twenty eight year olds. THIS IS A HAZARD SOMEBODY IS GOING TO DIE
  • Ortiz's final round ends with 11 home runs, which is two fewer than Hanley has hit in the season. This is a tall task, and we all know how Hanley feels about challenges. He shies away from them. Because he's lazy.