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Offsides: Robben Seeing Red After Oranje World Cup Defeat

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Arjen Robben joined others on the Dutch side, including coach Bert van Marwijk, in complaining about the poor officiating by Howard Webb in Sunday's World Cup final. Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time.

⇥"When I got my second chance, the referee should have given us a free ⇥kick and Puyol a yellow card," Robben said. "He gave the advantage, but ⇥there was none as I could hardly move and the goalkeeper was too close ⇥already. As a player, you always want to go on and especially ten ⇥minutes before time in a World Cup final when you are heading towards ⇥the goal. When you play in a World Cup final, you also need a ⇥world-class referee."
Robben's comments specifically referred to the in-the-box foul by Carles Puyol that should have been – in Robben's opinion – at least a second yellow card.↵

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