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Jared Allen Hosts Most Intense Charity Golf Outing Ever

If Vikings defensive end Jared Allen is going to go the do-gooder route and raise money for a noble cause — in this case, to build or modify homes for soldiers returning home from war — he's going to ensure that he still gets to generate some innocuous bedlam while doing it.
↵And so on Saturday in the 100-plus degree weather near his off-season home in Scottsdale, Ariz., Allen took the concept of a charity golf tournament and tried to make it as close to a real life Jason Statham movie as he could.
↵⇥Marines were located at every hole and would scream at players during ↵⇥their swings. One player had to do pushups before hitting his tee shot. ↵⇥And the final nine holes were played at night. ↵
↵It wasn't all bad. There was roasted pig at the turn. That alone was probably enough to lure Jay Glazer to show. Other notables included Chuck Liddell and Jim McMahon.
↵Ideally, Jared would have also included random crossbow snipers and roving taser guards, but he probably had to tone it down just so folks would actually show up. You know how McMahon is. He talks tough, but the first sign of danger and that man just turns tail.
↵[H/T - Shutdown Corner]↵

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