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Chad Ochocinco Can't Limit The Drama To His New TV Show

OchocincoClearly figuring that yesterday's debut of his new reality show on VH1 would not garner him sufficient attention, Chad Ochocinco, for the usual reasons known only to him, decided to manufacture some more drama through his Twitter account.
↵Around midnight last night, Ocho Tweeted that he got into a fight with a bouncer at an unidentified New York City club and suggested that the police had him in custody by coyly writing "at least the police let me keep tweetin n the car?" ↵Ocho kept it through the late hours, claiming the bouncer was going to be charged and that he later went back to the club to drink with the arresting officers. He even took a moment to assure Roger Goodell that everything was hunky dory. ↵
↵⇥Aww man NYPD is so awesome we are all headed to Starbucks after we drop the bouncer off at the police station for assault on me ↵⇥
↵⇥@nflcommish Dad everything is ok here in NY, I have the situation under control, I turned the other cheek but he kept provoking me, thanks ↵⇥
↵⇥Back at the club in ViP with 3 NYPD officers poppin bottles of cranberry n red bull, I went from being outside to having a ball! I luv NY ↵
↵If that sounded like a tall tale, that's because it is one. This morning, Ocho said in response to another Twitter user that all the antics of the night before had been a deliberate prank on his followers. Let that be a lesson to the last three people who trusted the word of Chad Ochocinco. ↵
↵[H/T - Out of Bounds]↵

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