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American League All-Fail Team

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This week in Anaheim, we'll be seeing the best baseball has to offer. But let us not forget those at the other end of the spectrum, for whom a trip to the All-Star Game this year is nothing more than a dream. After the jump, you'll find the worst players at each position in the American  League, as measured by Wins Above Replacement from Contrary to earlier suspicions, it's not the entire Baltimore Orioles roster.

WAR is a measure which combines offense, defense, pitching and base-running into one simple measure of a player's value, compared to a hypothetical AAA replacement. The minimum for inclusion is 40 games at the spot for position players, 8 starts for rotation members, and 20 IP for relievers. I don't care if the player is not able to play because he's on the DL, because this is not a real team, folks. The National League All-Fail team was posted yesterday.

Position Players
Catcher: Gerard Laird, Tigers (-0.5 WAR)
First-base: Justin Smoak, Rangers/Mariners (-0.2)
Second-base: Gordon Beckham, White Sox (-0.8)
Third-base: Brandon Wood, Angels (-1.6)
Short-stop: Cesar Isturis, Orioles  (-0.5)
Outfield: David Murphy, Rangers (-0.7)
Michael Cuddyer, Twins (-0.3)
Trevor Crowe, Indians (-0.3)
Designated Hitter: Adam Lind, Blue Jays (-0.8)
Starting pitchers:
Ryan Rowland Smith, Mariners (-1.9)
Rick Porcello, Tigers (-1.1)
Ian Snell, Mariners (-1.1)
Nick Blackburn, Twins (-1.1)
Gil Meche, Royals (-1.0)

Chad Gaudin, Athletics/Yankees (-0.9)
Joba Chamberlain, Yankees (-0.8)
Jamey Wright, Indians (-0.6)
Kerry Wood, Indians (-0.6)
Brandon League, Mariners (-0.6)
Chan-Ho Park, Yankees (-0.5)
Hideki Okajima, Red Sox (-0.5)