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Senior DT Chase Nelson Latest UT Player Named In Fight Report

At some point in this whole Vawl Brawl rigamarole, just assembling a complete roster of Tennessee players and checking off the ones involved wouldn't be the worst idea, in the interest of saving time. But I digress: here's the latest shoe to drop, in which an incident report alleges senior DT Chase Nelson was the one inciting the initial incident that led to the swarm:

Chase Nelson, 22, started a fight with 20-year-old bar patron Gary Russell inside Bar Knoxville, 1820 Cumberland Ave., just before 2 a.m. Friday, Russell alleges in a statement to the Knoxville Police Department.

Now, this is according to a fellow punch-thrower and not cameras or eyewitnesses, so adopt the requisite skeptical stance. But regardless of his level of involvement, the future doesn't look too rosy for Nelson, who we suspect is now on double secret suspension, since he's already being held out of all team activities thanks to poor grades.

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