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And Welcome To Our LiveBlog Of The 2010 MLB All-Star Game

Hey there everybody. Hopefully I can sustain myself through this thing, which I understand promises to take at least six or seven hours. Once again my cable company would have me believe that this'll be over by eight, but I learned something about you last night, Comcast. I learned that you're a dirty little liar. I'm not saying that in a sexy, role-playing kind of way, either. I mean you are dishonest and I hate you.

MLB Network is showing some All-Star red carpet deal before the game gets started, by the way, in case you just can't wait for 5pm to roll around (or 8pm for those of you elsewhere! These are the only two times). Since the game is in Anaheim, the red carpet ceremony is taking place in Disneyland, and since Kevin Millar is employed as a host and personality, MLB Network let him stand in front of "It's A Small World" and say "I'm coming to you from Dustin Pedroia's house, if you know what I mean." There are professionals in charge of this broadcast.

There's a stream of convertibles coming down the main thoroughfare carrying one All-Star in each. This must be the red carpet. The convertibles are labeled. Cliff Lee! Evan Longoria! Hong-Chih Kuo! I was going to make some crack about how I can't keep the rosters straight anymore since there have been so many players added, but I think that right there makes my point just fine.