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Thoughts On The 2010 All-Star Game Pregame Show

  • 5:03. They're talking about Steinbrenner. It's happening again. I don't mean to be insensitive, but Steinbrenner chose a pretty bad day to die, because now he's stealing the spotlight from the most important event of the season - the 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. He's also delaying it. Like they really need the help. We still have to wade through the long, drawn-out player introductions. The red carpet special was nothing. The action may not start for three hours.
  • 5:08 now. Still Steinbrenner. Haven't they been talking about this all day long? Was there another story that I missed? Play the game! The sooner the game starts, the sooner the game ends, and the end of the game is going to be everyone's favorite moment of the evening.
  • Ken Rosenthal took a TwitPic of the AL dugout. Grown men look so silly in baseball uniforms. Can't we just let them wear suits? Just let them wear suits. I don't know why the picture is so fuzzy, but it's probably smog.
  • Just realized why they were still talking about Steinbrenner instead of going to the game. I forgot to change the channel from MLB Network to FOX. In my defense, look over there!
  • David Ortiz roundly booed during player introductions. Guess he didn't win those Angels fans over after all, Chris Berman.
  • Loud boos for every Yankee, followed by complete silence for Andrew Bailey. I think I'd rather hear the boos.
  • Trevor Cahill made the All-Star team?
  • Big applause for Albert Pujols. See, those fans in Anaheim aren't so ignorant about baseball. They can recognize the name of the greatest player on the planet.
  • Something something something there's a preamble to this? Now we're recognizing the Community All-Stars, who make a difference beyond the lines and away from the roar of the crowd. Taped celebrity statements of gratitude: Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, and Sheryl Crow. Celebrity stars recognizing community stars before the All-Star Game. See what they did there? Sure, these people do charity work and make the world a better place, but I killed a mosquito in a donut shop the other day before it had a chance to bite a little girl. I want a video tribute from Eliza Dushku.
  • It's 5:29. Here's some big girl from Glee to sing a song that isn't the national anthem for some reason. Which means we haven't yet gotten to the national anthem. Which means we haven't yet gotten to the game. Someone needs to deliver a beer to my mouth post haste. The song, by the way, is Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, but precious few of the people standing on the field right now are beautiful. Jose Valverde is standing on the field. That girl should've sung Dirrty.
  • 5:34. Moment of silence for George Steinbrenner. First silence since they announced Trevor Cahill.
  • National anthem! Go crazy, folks!