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Thoughts On The 2010 All-Star Game's Second Inning

  • Lefty Ryan Howard is batting cleanup against lefty and lefty-killer David Price. There are also crazy shadows in the outfield and blinding glare from the California sun. This is the at bat with the most potential to literally kill a man.
  • Howard doesn't die; strikes out instead. 
  • It's the second inning and Robinson Cano has bobbled two grounders. Somebody didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
  • Another double play! This early pace is terrific, and, since good pitching always beats good hitting, not entirely unpredictable. The real challenge is going to come in the later innings, when Girardi and Manuel start trying to fit in different arms from the bullpen. If they're awesome, they'll make changes between innings. If they suck, they'll switch during. If they really suck, they'll make mound meetings too.
  • iPhone commercial. Dad tells his daughter her braces look beautiful. Dad is a liar. I wonder what else he's lying about.
  • A Vladimir Guerrero stat graphic is shown with a background track of kids singing Head Shoulders Knees & Toes. I don't get it. Still funnier than Will Ferrell yesterday. 
  • Evan Longoria picks up the first extra-base hit of the game on a line drive with the most topspin I've seen in weeks. If good pitching beats good hitting, and Longoria hits a line drive double, then Ubaldo Jimenez must not be a good pitcher. Or does it switch at a higher level? Does great hitting beat great pitching?
  • Cano grounds out to end the second. We're two innings in and only 27 minutes deep. But somebody needs to score. The longer we go before somebody scores, the more terrified I'm going to be that we're in for extras. When I went to school in Hartford, I stayed up for those Red Sox/Yankees games that lasted until like 3 in the morning. Extras in the All-Star Game would be like that, only without the things that made it worth staying up to watch. "Man, Jeff, you look terrible." "Yeah, I stayed up all night watching the All-Star Game."