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Thoughts On The 2010 All-Star Game's Third Inning

  • Here's Andy Pettitte to pitch for the AL. Andy Pettitte, you'll remember from last night, used to have a mustache. He might think about bringing it back. Carl Pavano has a mustache. Carl Pavano has a 3.58 ERA.

  • Two strikeouts and a grounder in the top of the third. The only hit of the inning belonged to Yadier Molina, who is very possibly and probably the worst hitter in the game. It'll be interesting to see if the managers employ this strategy later on in critical situations by calling on other bad hitters. Tim Lincecum's on the mound? We're gonna need you to go up there hacking, Phil Hughes.
  • Josh Johnson on for the NL now. Josh Johnson is as criminally underrated as Adrian Gonzalez was early last season. In time, Johnson, too, can have his name bandied about as that of a certain future Red Sox or Yankee. 
  • FOX just showed a clip of Pettitte going over signals with Joe Mauer between innings. I wonder if either team is trying to steal signs from the other. It seems like it would be really easy. It's not like they can come up with really complicated signs before the game. It's not like they can even come up with moderately difficult signs before the game on account of athletes are morons. All the signs are going to be really simple, which should make them easy to figure out. Just how badly do these teams want to win?
  • Stealing signs is a little thing. Stealing signs is something that doesn't show up in the box score. It should count as one of the fundamentals.
  • Jeter strikes out looking on a high breaking ball to end the third. Three innings, 42 minutes of game action. This is blowing my mind right now - I thought it would be taking twice as long. We need a nice, sudden line-drive solo homer. Is Cal Ripken playing?