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Thoughts On The 2010 All-Star Game's Fourth Inning

  • Now Cliff Lee is on. This makes me upset. He should at least be wearing a Mariner pin or something.
  • Outs. Outs outs outs. Martin Prado's leadoff grounder to short means hitters are 4-21 so far with six strikeouts. These offenses look terrible and Omar Infante isn't even playing yet.
  • And Albert Pujols strikes out swinging. That really makes you wonder if OH MY GOD I FORGOT JOE GIRARDI HAS BRACES
  • has a band. has a band.'s band is annoying and has been around for a lot longer, but's band is a lot more like the Jonas Brothers with a black guy. Given a choice between the two, I would opt for sweet blissful credit score ignorance.
  • Ryan Braun absolutely lays out to make a diving, rolling catch to rob Josh Hamilton of a hit. At least this isn't the Pro Bowl. There's no faking that kind of effort or determination. The fans in attendance may be watching a pointless baseball game, but they're watching a pointless baseball game in which, if nothing else, the participants are giving some significant fraction of their best. Or, hey, maybe it's just Braun. What am I, Einstein? I can't just how much a player cares just by looking at him. Unless the player is Hanley Ramirez. I bet Hanley Ramirez keeps looking over to the dugout. "Am I done yet, coach?" Hanley's so lazy!