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Thoughts On The 2010 All-Star Game's Sixth Inning

  • Here's Jon Lester, now. Broadcast immediately starts talking about how the Red Sox have been fighting some incredible injury problems of late. Hanley Ramirez hits the third pitch hard right back at the mound. Given this, and how Kevin Youkilis hurt himself walking to the batter's box the other day, one wonders if we've been too hasty in writing off the possibility that some divine entity is intervening and trying to undo the mistakes it made in 2004 and 2007.
  • Adrian Gonzalez stands in and now the broadcast talks about how the Padres are so surprising as a division leader. They talk about how everyone expected that Gonzalez would be traded before the deadline. This isn't fresh material. It's not like this is the first baseball game anyone's watched all season. Or, if this is the first baseball game somebody's watched all season, then that person is either watching reluctantly at a friend's house and doesn't care about the Padres, or he lost a bet and got messily drunk during the preamble.
  • Currently showing on ABC Family: Pretty Little Liars. I'm tempted. Is anybody still reading? I'm thinking about liveblogging Pretty Little Liars.
  • Jeter leads off the bottom of the sixth against Roy Halladay with a bloop single that just eludes a sprinting, diving Marlon Byrd. Woody Allen would have a lot of fun with the fact that Marlon Byrd got out-dove by a Jew.
  • Elvis Andrus - pinch-running for Jeter, who must be tired - gets thrown out at second after overrunning the base on a successful steal. There have been whispers all year that Elvis lacks focus from time to time, and is prone to the occasional careless, lazy mistake. Having him in the same game as Hanley Ramirez shouldn't reinforce any negative behavior or anything.
  • I wonder if they deliberately started the game 50 minutes late to give all the fans in southern California a chance to show up before first pitch.
  • And now another mid-inning pitching change as Manuel takes out his guy and turns to Matt Capps. I'm beginning to loathe Charlie Manuel. I don't mean to be insensitive, Charlie, but, uh, you don't have that much time.
  • Capps strikes out David Ortiz looking to end the sixth. I was barely paying attention. The indifference has now firmly settled in and taken a hold of me by the throat. Can I make it another hour? Stay tuned!