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Thoughts On The 2010 All-Star Game's Eighth Inning

  • "If there is an injury, Ty Wigginton has been designated as a player who can re-enter the game." Ty Wigginton isn't just a utility player. Ty Wigginton is an All-Star utility player. I think I love this even more than I love the Omar Infante selection. Ty Wigginton moves around with all the grace of a turtle on its back, or a capsized middle school battlebot.
  • I went to the bathroom and the top of the eighth ended. I can't actually remember the last bad thing that happened while I was in that bathroom. One time I thought there was only one Sudafed, and there were two Sudafeds.
  • For maximum hilarity, I'm thinking the AL should go for a surprising and sudden three-run homer after making two outs right here. The NL wouldn't even know what hit them, and we could maintain the pleasing current status quo after a quick ninth capped off another demoralizing loss.
  • I don't need coffee anymore now that I've seen Brian Wilson's cleats.
  • Man I can't keep up with these outs. The eighth inning is already over! And now I'm seeing a commercial for Smirnoff Blueberry & Lemonade, which is one of those things I'll never tell anyone about but will probably buy on my own time and hide in the back of the fridge behind the milk and the parsley.