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Thoughts On The 2010 All-Star Game's Ninth Inning

  • For those of you wondering whether Jose Valverde would still do his insufferable little dance every time he records an out even if his team is behind, the answer is a resounding RAWWRRGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGGH
  • One of the highlights from earlier in the game was a certain woman in a certain red dress standing just behind a rail behind home plate in plain view. She's gone now. I'll never forget you, woman I saw some of once.
  • Here we go! This could be it! This could be our final half inning of All-Star Game play for a full year! And David Ortiz leads off with a single. I love Adrian Beltre to death - I absolutely love him to death - but if he goes deep right here, I will find him and burn his house, and his neighbors' houses, and the houses of other people named Adrian Beltre, and the houses of other people with A's or B's in their names.
  • No arson tonight. Swing and a miss! Now I love Beltre even more.
  • A player with John Buck's name would totally have John Buck's skillset.
  • Dramatic turnaround! Buck bloops a single into right, but David Ortiz has to retreat to first in fear the ball would be caught, and he ends up getting thrown out at second on a great quick play by Marlon Byrd. It seems these rosters still aren't big enough to pinch-run for a big fat guy in the ninth inning of a winnable game. Maybe Girardi just wanted to see Ortiz get hurt.
  • Ian Kinsler flies out to center for the final out of the game! As Chris Young made the catch, my arms shot up and I whooped. I didn't even realize how happy I'd be to see this game end. Says Torii Hunter in an interview after the end: "Shoot, we'll just have to come back and do it again next year." Somebody's a little presumptuous.
  • In celebration, the NL's three outfielders for the ninth inning - Michael Bourn, Marlon Byrd, and Chris Young - all leap in unison with their backs to one another. This is the first time all year that an Astro, a Cub, and a Diamondback have all been happy on the same day.