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Offsides: News Of Brett Favre's Speed Can't Excite Other Vikes QBs

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News has come of Mississippi that Brett Favre is showing off his newfound "speed" while throwing to high school kids.
↵⇥Brett Favre had finished throwing to the youngsters at Oak Grove High School and poked his head out of the field house to see a few reporters standing near his truck, waiting to ask him about his future plans.
↵⇥Favre ducked back inside and, moments later, someone else jumped into Favre's truck and drove it around to the front of the building Monday morning. With a grin on his face, the 40-year-old quarterback ran out of the building, hopped in and drove off with nothing more than a playful wave to the waiting reporters.
↵This news can't be good for Tarvaris Jackson and poor Sage Rosenfels, who clearly hope Favre's annual decision to return is speedy.↵

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