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One Unfortunate Upshot Of The CFL Making Its Fields Wheelchair Accessible

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When on Sunday, Jimmy Jump made an illegal charge for the World Cup trophy, it was likely that we wouldn't see a more noteworthy fan trespass onto a playing surface for some time.

Unless someone makes a scene at tonight's MLB All-Star Game, that's likely to hold true, but that doesn't mean there hasn't already been a more bizarre episode. On Saturday, the Canadian Football League's B.C. Lions held the home opener in their new stadium facing the Saskatchewan Roughriders. It didn't go so well, as the Lions were throttled by the score of 37-18.

Besides not being able to defend their own endzone, the Lions couldn't even prevent a fan in a wheelchair from rushing the field during the 4th quarter. The disabled fan got considerably gentler treatment from security than he otherwise might have received had he not been in a wheelchair. Some might chalk that up to a kind of reverse discrimination. Even a harder shove off the field would have been something.

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