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Pete Carroll Wins Forever, Also Forever Changes Where Books Can Be Promoted

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Carroll Win ForeverFormer USC and current Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is briefly out ↵on the promotional ↵circuits hawking his new book "Win Forever," which hits stores ↵today, while at the same time defending the honor of his tenure with the ↵Trojans.
↵On Wednesday, he'll appear in a taped segment on HBO's Real Sports with ↵Bryant Gumbel that will re-examine the case of former Reggie Bush ↵representative Lloyd Lake in the aftermath of the sanctions handed down ↵to USC. The show first interviewed Lake in January 2008.
↵So while the next stage in his career is about to hit high gear within ↵the next few weeks, the ever-optimistic Carroll is trying to keep a ↵brave face on matters, even while fighting back against attacks on his ↵and his former program's reputation. Even if that means scrawling ↵the name of his book on a bathroom stall at the Burger Joint in ↵Manhattan, where he was appearing as part of his book tour.
↵Most likely the move wasn't part of any grand strategy to make it seem ↵as though the NCAA's findings have hurt him less than he would like to ↵let on. Carroll is simply possessed of that kind of boundless ↵enthusiasm. At the same time, you have to wonder if he's maybe ↵overcompensating a touch here.↵

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