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When Pepe Reina Parties, He Will Party Hard

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↵No one could fault the La Furia Roja for erupting in nonstop festivities for days and even weeks following their World Cup victory on Sunday, though it is a little weird to have the backup goalie being the most rambunctious. Then again, he didn't exactly have to expend a ton of energy on the game itself, so Pepe Reina has a little left in the tank to get down on the plane ride home.
↵Here's extensive footage of Reina being the life of the party on the ride home, replete with iPod docking station accessory along with what appears to be a rum and coke. A few teammates come and go from his ongoing conga line, but for the most part, he's a one-man party plane. And sure, he may not have factored heavily in Spain's win, but who doesn't like to see minor contributors exercise elation during a championship. It'd be like if Adam Morrison got crazy after the Lakers won the title.↵

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