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Kimbo Slice v. Mariusz Pudzianowski and Tim Sylvia v. Hong Man Choi Rumored For Moosin

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From MMA Fighting:

    Moosin executive Corey Fischer has confirmed the organization's intention for a second show, and said the current plans include bringing back previous headliners Tim Sylvia and Mariusz Pudzianowski, in separate fights.

    If Moosin gets their way, they'll come to the Second City with Sylvia fighting 7-foot-2 Korean Hong Man Choi, and five-time "World's Strongest Man" Pudzianowski taking on popular former EliteXC and UFC star Kimbo Slice in feature bouts.

    "I would say the Kimbo-Pudzian fight is the furthest from being finished, but we're trying to work on it and make it happen," Fischer said.

I have been saying for quite some time (on the record no less) that if I had the money I'd do Pudzianowski/Kimbo in Chicago. The Polish population in Chicago will make it an easy sell combined with the general name value of Kimbo Slice.

Adding in a gigantic second freak show fight like Tim Sylvia/Hong Man Choi will only help the card in terms of media exposure and casual interest.

I know this isn't the kind of card the hardcore MMA fans like to see, but it'll get eyeballs and that's what a promotion needs to do to survive.