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The Great Lesson Of Prokhorov: We Should All Pity Knicks Fans

Maybe it's just me, but I think the deepest test of loyalty over the past few months was not whether LeBron James would stay in Cleveland. It's been whether Knicks fans could resist jumping ship to Mikhail Prokhorov's Nets.

I mean, how can they not be tempted?

In an exclusive interview with SB Nation's Nets Daily, King Prokhorov threw out some possible halftime entertainment options for next season:

We’re looking at hiring the Red Army choir to perform at half-time along with Russia’s top dancing bear collective.  Not to mention the Russian spies recently sent back to Moscow. We will be organizing their comeback tour to Newark. I’m sure it will be a great hit.

Is he joking? Maybe? But... Is he potentially dead serious? Maybe!

That's why we all love Prokhorov, and should absolutely pity every Knicks fan that's been forced to watch this Nets renaissance up close. Did you hear the Knicks are considering bringing back Isiah Thomas as GM? This would be sort of like the United States re-electing George Bush, which could never happen, of course. There are laws in place that guard against such head-splitting injustice.

But the Knicks bringing back Isiah? Apparently legal and still completely possible under current torture statutes.

Meanwhile, Prokhorov says things like this to our Nets blog:

We have shifted our focus to building a team with great potential under Plan B.  We have the youngest team in the NBA and we can give our players the best chance for progress, especially with the talents of Avery Johnson, who is a killer coaching coach.

The Red Army! A killer coaching coach! That hot Russian spy that was internet famous for like 72 hours! Soon-to-be-in-Brooklyn! Jay-Z! For Nets fans, there's a whole lot to be excited about.

So, stay strong Knicks fans. You'll get your Russian Dancing Bear Collective one day.

**Thus concludes the fulfillment of our bi-weekly quota for "Mikhail Prokhorov is awesome" posts.