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Despite Public Opinion, Braves Fans Are Happy With The Yunel Escobar/Alex Gonzalez Trade

When news spread of this morning's Yunel Escobar/Alex Gonzalez trade, internet critics rushed to make fun of the Braves for selling so low on a promising young shortstop. Talking Chop explains why, from Atlanta's perspective, they see it as a justifiable, helpful deal:

Despite those factors the Braves seem to have made out pretty well in this trade. In the near term they remove the team's biggest distraction who is also perhaps their biggest unknown from their everyday lineup. And for this year at least they get a hot-hitting shortstop.
This is a move the Braves have to make if they're given the opportunity. They upgrade the weakest position in their lineup, and they didn't even give up any prospects... just the opposite, they added prospects. Even if Yunel goes on to success in Toronto (and I hope he does), this trade should not be viewed poorly, because much like Jeff Francoeur, it didn't seem like Escobar would succeed in Atlanta.

Something to keep in mind, in the words of Peter Hjort:

Everyone saying 'the Braves over reacted' is about 1% as informed as the Braves are, and who knows what that information consists of.

Trades that seem crazy often aren't crazy. They just seem crazy to people who don't know all the details.