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Robbie Caldwell: Interim Head Coach, Daring Dresser

Listening to Nashville sports station 104.5 The Zone and trying to get a handle on this whole Bobby Johnson flap, we were treated to a delightful anecdote about Robbie Caldwell discovering he'd been named the interim head coach of the Commodores.

According to David Williams, vice-chancellor at Vandy for University Affairs and Athletics, when they found Caldwell he was lining a practice field in "these little shorts" and a t-shirt that was "maybe too small", and they had to scramble to find him proper clothes for the rapidly approaching press conference. This is Caldwell, so we'll leave to your imagination what exactly that entails.

Caldwell's in his eighth year of coaching the Dores' offensive line, and has also served as assistant head coach for the past two seasons. This is his first head-coaching gig, and follows stints at North Carolina State and Furman. He does tend to stay in one place for long stretches at a time; it's looking like he'll be at Vandy for at least a while longer. And he's got Bobby Johnson's vote of confidence, for a start:

[Don't] let those down-home tales fool you.

“Robbie, he tries to give you that hayseed act a little bit, but he’s a really smart guy,” Johnson said.

We'll get to hear those tales firsthand next week at SEC Media Days, and if I know my beat writers, you'd better believe the shorts are going to top everybody's list of questions.