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Vawl Brawl: No News Is ... No News

SBN's Rocky Top Talk examines the tangled web of testimonies stemming from last week's Knoxville barfight, and finds a whole bunch of words with very little to go on. The bar in question has a surveillance system that's mysteriously non-operational. One key witness is already contradicting his own statements. There's one player listed in the incident report who the university says wasn't even there that night, and two who are indefinitely suspended despite not having been charged (yet). And everybody's talking through their lawyers, which doesn't do anything but muddy the waters.

Let's not forget that this is largely still all concerned with who threw the first punch, and that the investigation hasn't even begun to cast light on who assaulted the off-duty police officer as the fight progressed. Like most things with Tennessee football these days, it's very safe to assume this is going to get much, much worse before it gets better.