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Kyle Korver Is Not Selfish With The Truth

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↵As introductory press conferences go, any patter that deviates from boilerplate messages of admiration and respect toward the player's new club (or even their former one) are going to be grist for the proverbial sports talk mill and a potential headache that might dog the player for even the entirety of their stay with the team.
↵So when a reporter yesterday inquired which team Kyle Korver, who was raised in Iowa, rooted for growing up, he offered a bit more critical read on his new team than necessary, including the admission that he at one point thought the most prolific player in its history was selfish. Of course, he then qualified his statement by saying he learned the error of his ways over time, but the candor was still a little unexpected and refreshing.
↵⇥"I thought Michael Jordan was selfish and I hated the Bulls growing up. I was a Lakers fan. I was actually born in L.A. And, y'know, Showtime basketball, that's what I grew up watching. As I got older and worked harder at my game, I came to respect Michael's game that much more, obviously. And this is really cool to stand here with the Bulls uniform. I've played on a couple different teams in my career, but the Bulls, that's pretty serious stuff."
↵Most fans understand that players have their own unique background and don't have to have shown fealty to the team they now play for from the moment they were born. Again, Korver could have tersely just said it wasn't the Bulls and left it at that, but instead offered up a little humanizing detail. If people fault him for that, it's on them.
↵[H/T - Deuce of Davenport]↵

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