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Titans RB Chris Johnson: 'If They Pay Me, I'm In Camp'

The last we heard Chris Johnson was working out a "compromise" with the Titans so that he would be at training camp in August. The compromise, according to reports, was likely a bump in his 2010 salary to each side some time to work out a long-term deal.

Johnson was at the ESPYs on Wednesday night and spoke about his situation with the Titans.

Johnson had a separate interview session with ESPN reporter Colleen Dominguez, when he said, ``We’re losing time right now, so hopefully within the next week or two we can come around and can agree on something.’’

Dominguez then asked him about conflicting reports on whether he would report to camp: ``It depends on the Titans,'' Johnson said. ``If they pay me, I’m in camp. If they’re not, I’m not in camp.’’

Momentum seems to be shifting to the Titans putting a bandaid on the situation via a pay raise in 2010. They've been hesitant to commit to a long-term deal with him at this point.