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Brett Favre 'Would Love To Play' If Ankle Heals

Brett Favre attended the ESPYs on Wednesday night and discussed his return to the Vikings. He hasn't yet decided whether he'll play, he says, but did admit he's rehabbing his ankle to get healthy enough to play.

“It starts with the ankle. This coming Friday will be eight weeks [since the surgery] and I had hoped it would be a little bit better. I can walk fine but you don’t walk in football. Then it kind of works from there up. If you wake up in the morning and your feet hurt it kind of makes the rest of your body hurt and if you’ve been sacked 700 times that usually adds to it. It’s a great football team -- I know that now, I knew it last year -- who would love to have me come play. I would love to play and be the best I could possibly be and that’s really what I’m working towards right now.”

Pretty much everyone assumes he'll be back. He wouldn't be working out at a high school in Hattiesburg, MS if he didn't expect to play and he wouldn't have had surgery on his ankle if he didn't expect to play.

But he'll be dragging this out through much of the Vikings training camp before likely announcing his return in mid-August.