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Thierry Henry Retires From French National Team, Will Be Introduced As Member Of Red Bulls Thursday

It will be all Red Bulls, all the time for Thierry Henry.

Henry, who officially joined New York's MLS franchise on Wednesday, is retiring from the French national team and international play, and will strictly focus on club play going forward. The 32-year old forward made the announcement on Thursday.

"I always want to be here 100 percent and fully committed to this cause and the organization," Henry said. [...]

"That was my last game against South Africa," he said. "Ironically, it was also my first game in the national team against South Africa."

Henry made up his mind before the tournament.

"I couldn't announce it before because that's the not type of thing you announce before a World Cup," he said.

Henry will be officially introduced as the newest member of the Red Bulls with on Thursday, at 1:15 P.M. EDT. The press conference will be shown live on