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Delonte West Pleads Guilty To Gun Charges

According to the Associated Press, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West will plead guilty to charges of carrying concealed weapons, and transporting loaded weapons. Though the guilty plea will undoubtedly land him in hot water with the NBA, it's also a way for West to avoid jail time in this case.

According to Cleveland's Brian Windhorst, the plea deal calls for counseling, electronic monitoring, and community service. But again, he should avoid jail time.

The suspension from the NBA is inevitable, however, because West has essentially admitted he committed a crime, which should force the league office to take some sort of action. But since nobody was harmed and West has an otherwise clean track record, the suspension shouldn't last more than a handful of games. As Windhorst speculates, three to five games sounds about right. As for whether he'll be a member of the Cavs at that point? Well, that's a whole 'nother story.