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Impact FC Puts On An All-Time Great Press Conference

With as ungodly slow as this news week has been for MMA I think I feel like I understand the deep middle of the off-season for the big mainstream sports.  The only thing going on right now is the Impact FC cards down in Australia. Jordan Breen of Sherdog attended their last press conference which was filled with what seems to be bizarre moments such as:


Middleweight Denis Kang, though obviously disinterested, is thoughtful in his responses and speaks at length about the ankle injury that hampered him before his bout with Alan Belcher, and the visa issues that kept him from training at American Top Team recently. However, his opponent, the notoriously eccentric Paulo Filho -- clad in a beige Venum shirt instead of his usual sleeveless flannel -- gives terse, bizarre answers to questions.

Twice Filho responds to questions after Kang, simply mumbling, "I agree." When asked by fighter-stroke-commentator Elvis Sinosic what he did to train specifically for Kang, Filho offers, "I trained for him, specifically."

"When are we eating?" Kang then asks promoter Tom Huggins.

"I can't eat, so I don't really care," answers Glover Teixeira.

Exchanges like this are the backbone of Impact FC press conferences.


The card itself isn't too bad with Ken Shamrock and Pedro Rizzo meeting in a battle of faded and aged former UFC stars, top 10 welterweight Paul Daley, Filho vs. Kang and a host of other somewhat intriguing match-ups.  But it's pretty clear that beyond compelling fights the promotion for the fights is not exactly top-notch.