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Volchenkov Lobbying Kovalchuk To Re-Join Devils

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Anton Volchenkov and Ilya Kovalchuk share an agent. Jay Grossman has been engrossed (see what I did there) in talks with the Los Angeles Kings lately, as he tries to hash out a contract for the still un-signed prize of this year's free agent market.

But Volchenkov, who signed with the New Jersey Devils earlier in the free agency period, is lobbying Kovalchuk to make a return to Newark. From Fire & Ice:

Volchenkov said he has talked to left wing Ilya Kovalchuk a couple of times since he signed with the Devils.

“I’ll be really happy if he signs here,” Volchenkov said. “He’s a very good player. But it’s not my decision. The decision is his.”

Yep, day 15. This is the biggest news today.