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Alabama Shoring Up Lawsuit Against State Bird Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore, purveyor of fine Crimson Tide-based art from windowless van panels to living room centerpieces, is being sued, but not for the reasons I would pick: He's being accused by the University of Alabama of copyright infringement. The Tide, in turn, is finding unusual solidarity in the SEC ranks, where the tycoons want to keep their money-printing cabal shiny-exclusive:

The University of Alabama could be getting a little help from its friends, after 27 universities requested to file a brief in support of UA in its lawsuit against sports artist Daniel Moore. All members of the Southeastern Conference except Mississippi State University are part of the 27 schools who asked July 1 that justices allow them to argue in an amicus brief alongside UA in the five-year old case.

Mississippi State, one presumes, would just be happy to be immortalized somewhere. Some background:

UA sued Moore for trademark violations in March 2005, alleging he painted scenes of Crimson Tide football games without permission from the university and reissued previously licensed prints without paying royalties. The university is seeking back pay for more than 20 paintings and wants Moore to license any future paintings.

This is all well within the University's rights, if we skirt the question of players being unable to make money off the sales of their own likenesses, but it does throw the future canon of houndstooth-bedecked masterpieces into uncertain waters. How are we to survive if Moore turns his back and denies us such forthcoming classics as Terrence Cody Descending a Staircase and Long Snapper With A Pearl Earring? Between this and the Thomas Kinkade DUI, it's like you just can't trust any low-rent cornpone mall artist anymore!