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SEC Sportsman Of The Year Arrested For Campus Fight

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When last we saw Ole Miss running back Rodney Scott, he was receiving the SEC's Sportsmanship Award for aiding a fellow player with a spinal injury. In what should be no surprise to anyone following this offseason of offseasons in the SEC, Scott was arrested today for his explorations in the field of fisticuffs:

Scott was allegedly fighting with Elmer L. Johnson, who was also arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. [...]
UM coach Houston Nutt said the incident started because Scott’s car was “keyed,” which is when somebody takes their car keys and scratches up the paint job on a vehicle.

This morning, Nutt said Johnson was bragging about the damage and that’s when the fight ensued.

Now that we're all clear on what keying a car entails, can we stop to wonder what kind of damage one could do with a key that would necessitate boasting about it? Did Johnson etch a full-size reproduction of The Scream on the trunk?