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Dolphins Will Miss Jason Ferguson's Leadership In Light Of 2010 Offseason

The Dolphins have had quite an offseason and not in a good way. Their players have been in the news far too often for off the field issues such as arrests. It's certainly not the hallmark of a team run by Bill Parcells, who once famously said he didn't want any "thugs and hoodlums" on his team.

SB Nation's The Phinsider understands that and that's why they point to Jason Ferguson's leadership as the quality that will be missed most upon hearing the news of his retirement.

How does this impact the Dolphins? For one thing, Jason's leadership will be missed. He's now another locker room leader who is no longer in Miami, putting more pressure on new leaders to emerge.

Meanwhile, The Phinsider says that Ferguson's loss won't be that big.

While a fresh Ferguson would have been a great addition in the middle of the season once his suspension was up, Jeff Darlington tells us via twitter that the Dolphins did already plan on leaving Starks as the starting nose tackle. Darlington also says that "Starks learned plenty the last few months" from Ferguson.

Ferguson was already suspended for the first eight games of the season so the Dolphins have a head start in replacing his production.